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Without Auto Forward’s help, I would not have been able to know and correct my teen daughter’s behavior. To enable 'Unknown Sources' in target device (the device you want to monitor), Go to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources and turn it ON Download & Install Shadow SPY Open any Web Browser on target device, type "" and GO/Enter or Click Here to start download, Once the download is complete, tap the downloaded file to install. You can open each message and media to check the entire content. WhatsApp Sniffer & Spy Tool Apk is one of the best and most popular social networking and chat services. When it comes to an application that is currently being implemented in the world, no one denies that WhatsApp is at the forefront. You can view all the activities if you login to this server using the account that you have created when you installed the application. There have been many cases where WhatsApp was used to commit a cyber-crime.

It also offers us many amazing highlights and is the most well-known and most used app in the world. Group Chats: You can also read all the group chats on WhatsApp. GPS Location See the where the phone is and has been. Employee Monitoring Have your employees spent too much time chatting with friends via WhatsApp and other social media apps when they are supposed to fulfill the assigned tasks? Since the WhatsApp has come up with its video call feature, it has become more popular among kids and teens. In-case your smartphone is not compatible with the messenger video calls feature, and then you would not be able to make video calls.

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As already mentioned, this application was developed for good purposes so that it is not misused for unnecessary reasons. WhatsApp Sniffer app was created to spy on someone's WhatsApp chat.

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7-Day Money Back Guarantee Reach out to us anytime for troubleshooting assistance. Video tracker Track the videos taken with the phone. Call Type: You can check the type of call made on WhatsApp, i.e., voice calls, video calls, incoming, outgoing, etc. However, a large percentage of Autoforward users are the parents of young children and the corporate bosses.

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And then you can have fun using Spy Sniffer and Spy on others. You also are also notified that installing or using the Spy Phone App for any other purpose may violate local, state, and or federal law. 7-Day Money Back Guarantee If you are not 100% satisfied, tell us within 7 days of the purchase date and get a full refund. You will need to login to our server using the email and password supplied when you registered the application on the smartphone. 7-Day Money Back Guarantee Reach out to us anytime for troubleshooting assistance. They just need to install TOS WhatsApp spy app on the target Android device. Jeff Bezos' WhatsApp account was also hacked recently from unknown sources. Rate Us "This cell phone tracker app has greatly helped me in handling my employees. GPS will track phone to within 50ft of its actual location. A) Sn sniffer app is completely free for parents to monitor their children.


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